Monday, July 30, 2018

Assignment-1 for Practice (Apex and VF)

Assignment-1 for Apex & VF Page Training
Requirement Summary:

ABC Construction Company would like to have a custom form for the HR Department, which will be used to accept the Employee Data like Name, Age, Gender, ContactNo, Designation, Email, Qualification and Salary. This data will store into the Custom Object after the click of "Save" Button.The Employee Name should be Standard Field and other remaining fields are Custom Fields. In addition to storing all the data into the custom object, there should be a Table which will partially refresh after the Save Button and Show all the updated records in Tabular/List View Form with proper Table Headings in Bold for all the Fields/Columns. This Tabular/List View should have two more options Edit| Delete under the Column - Action. On Edit, user can redirect to appropriate record Edit Page (Standard Page). On Delete, a prompt should be pop-out to the User for asking the confirmation of Delete, If user want to go for Delete then record should be delete from the object and ListView should get partially refresh again for updated records. For your convenience, please refer to below image for layout of the form. Employee Name should be mandatory field. Display Gender as picklist on the VF Form.

When the record inserted to the object after Saving the record. There should be a Mail Alert Notification to email entered into the System saying that "Your basic information has been entered into the HR Department. Thanks. HR Department". This should be done through Trigger. Please do not use Work Flow for this.
Apart from the above requirement, there is a need to display Summary of two columns - Age and Salary at the bottom of the ListView. Display Maximum value for the Age and Sum for the Salary. Please see in the above image.
If possible please provide the Sorting on all the columns display under ListView.
Mandatory Requirements:

1. Code shall be commented sufficiently to provide a basic understanding of what is happening.
2. Please try to make the exact layout as per the image shown above. Use CSS/HTML for the UI work. It would be good if you could separate the code of CSS/Javascript from the VF page using Static Resource.
3. Please make sure a header section with simple notes shall be included in each Apex or VisualForce resource. This header section shows - the name of the company, developer, developed for which component for e.g VF Page for XYZ Controller etc., and the abstract detail of the functioning.
4. Code shall always be bulkified (if applicable - Mainly incase of Trigger)
5. Provide a Test Class (if applicable) with at least 95% code coverage. Test class should follow the best practices as per the Salesforce standards.
6. Please make a Testing Doc to show all the requirement scenarios with the help of Screenshots.

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