Monday, July 30, 2018

Lightning Components Performance Best Practices

Lightning Components Performance Best Practices
(By Sunil Sharma and Arun Kumar)
  • Listen to user events and other events like Component Event, Application Event in Javascript controller.
  • Use helper methods to write your business logic.
  • Do not trigger DML operation on component initialization. If you are doing DML in init(), you are creating a CSRF(Cross-Site Request Forgery).
  • When making a call to the server, limit the columns and rows of the result. Use only the required column (fields). Do not return huge number of records in a single query make use of ‘LIMIT’.
  • Do not modify DOM in Controller. If you modify DOM in Controller it will call renderer method which will end in no result.
  • Cache data when possible.
  • For Client-side filtering and sorting: Don’t make a call to the server to filter or sort data. This should be done at client side.
  • Use Renderer whenever you want to customize default rendering, re-rendering, after rendering and unrendering behavior for a component.
  • Do not fire an event in renderer as this can cause an infinite rendering loop.
  • Limit the use of Application Events.
  • Use <aura:if> when you need to conditionally render UI elements.
  • It is a good practice to use events for communication between lightning components.
  • Always try to use a component event instead of an application event, if possible.
  • We should use application event for something that should be handled at the application level, such as navigation to specific record, list view, etc.
  • It is a good practice to handle low-level events, such as a click, in your event handler and refine them as higher-level events, such as an approval change event or whatever is appropriate for your business logic.
  • We should not use onclick and ontouchend event in a component. The lightning component framework translates touch-tap events into clicks and activates any onclick handler that are present in javascript controller or helper.

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